Meet Adriana

Actor, Singer, Art dealer, Pianist, Polyglot and Mother

There’s a lot to Adriana but she’s probably best known for her role on the cast of the hit Bravo TV show – The Real Housewives of Miami.

YoungAn art curator now, Adriana was first exposed to art at a very young age by her grandmother, a painter.  Impressionable and genuinely inspired, the Brazil native ended up studying French Art and Civilization at Sorbonne University in Paris, as well as Italian Art in Florence.

Pursuing her passions, Adriana has traveled all over the world, visiting some of the most renowned museums and galleries in the world. “ My profession is a lifestyle. My global travel is based on the artists and art institutions I want to know more about, along with my professional collaborations with fellow gallery owners.”

FamilyTo that end, de Moura recently organized an exhibit in Rome drawing over 600 guests and extensive press coverage and has also worked with the royal family of Monaco.

Adriana was made famous for being the Real Housewives of Miami cast’s ‘Brazilian bombshell’ and has been featured frequently in the press including the cover of New You Magazine, Ocean Drive, US Weekly, TV Guide, Life and Style, OK! Magazine, New Times Miami, Miami Herald, The New York Post and more.

She’s also pursuing acting and will star in Apollyon coming out in May, a thriller where she plays a psychiatrist trying to help a killer come to grips with his emotions and sociopath tendencies.  Moreover, Adriana loves to sing & dance — in fact, she just released her first hit single “Feel The Rush” – which was chosen as the theme song for the Real Housewives of Miami.

AlexandreBut the most fulfilling art and creativity is the kind she shares with and instills in her son, Alexandre – her “pride and joy”. Last year, the two performed a Franz Schubert piano duet at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

Speaking 5 languages and traveling to over 40 countries, Adriana feels and believes there’s a dimensionality to life and people and that you should follow your dreams with eyes wide open.  She also believes in purpose and grounding given she’s a single mom and a role model (PIC)…Her grandmother always said: “ Remember that the needs of the spirit are greater than material needs; always choose a lover over money and peace over greed.”